A quick catch up

So I thought I’d catch you up on what has been happening over the past few weeks since my last post. I’ve been rather busy to say the least; there has been a lot of administrative tasks to complete, one of my main admin tasks is to keep on top of the finances for our project. This additionally entails file management with paperwork, invoices, new supplier forms, spreadsheets, gantt charts and tracking payments. When we work with partner organizations (if we are using their services), they will invoice us. Sometimes, we are working with new organizations and in that case they have to fill out a new supplier form so that we have their details on the system and we can then pay them. I also liaise with the finance team so that the new supplier forms are processed and that the invoices are paid on time. I keep a copy of the documents, emails and invoices to ensure that we have a back log of all the information.

Case studies are another job that keeps me busy, these are generally used for meetings with the senior management team or the board to keep them updated on the projects and activities which have taken place within the libraries that we have hosted and/or taken part in. They can also be used for PR and marketing purposes and also to report back to our fundraisers to show them what their funding money is helping us to accomplish.

For the past few months I have also been completing an event’s audit which I have finally finished; this event’s audit may have been a struggle and a pain, however, it was definitely worth the while. The audit will be used to look at how many different partner organizations have used the rooms within our library; who are our main users; how many times the rooms have been empty and so on. This piece of work will give us a wide perspective on everything we need to know.

Well I best get back to work.

See you soon


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